it's so beautiful to see someone who has made something and didn't quite know what they were doing but did it anyway

Just a drawing I did today out of boredom.

If someone told you today that they saw your future, and that you will become a very rich but sad and lonely person, would you fight to be a happy and poor one?

I would never wanna know whats comming. Makes life much more exciting and with infinite possibilities. who knows if i'll turn out to be a rock star.

I wish I was a rock star.

If you could be anywhone, who would be?

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Marta disse...

Todos temos a curiosidade de saber o futuro mas no fundo todos sabemos que isso tiraria a vontade de viver, sabiamos o que ia inevitavelmente acontecer.

Se pudesse escolher seria stylist e fotógrafa :)

au revoir Camille. disse...

I wish I was an it-girl.

O desenho está giro. Mr. Frankenstein rules :b

Anónimo disse...

I would definitely fight to be happy. I wouldn't wanna know the future tho, I love to enjoy my present at his best.


yoli disse...

nice blog!

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