Her name is Alexandra Crandell and she’s a model. With seductive eyes and a sweet smile, this girl made her first appearance on MTV, in The City as a girlfriend of one of the main characters. I have to admit I wasn’t impressed but I really like her as a model. She looks great on this NYLON photos. Also appears to be the new face of Tracy Feith for Target.
If you want to find out more about her check out her interview on NYLON mag.

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She's beautiful, I would like to see some campaigns in which she has participated !

rachel disse...

she looks so much prettier here than on the show, and I like this a lot

Ashita disse...

oh man... this editorial is soo drool worthy!

she is pretty and the clothes shes wearing looks awesome. I recognized her from the new Target campaign, its a shame Australia doesn't get that opportunity *sigh

great post yet again

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