Chuck Bass you are the cheese in my pizza.

This is definitely one of my favorite shoots from gossip girl. It is very unexpected and fun.

I miss gossip girl alot and when I found this video I felt like crying, specially when I heard Ed Westwick's english accent. Made my day.

You guys enjoy :)

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Little Bo Peeep disse...

Ahhhh CHUCK BASS <3 love the English lad!
I really like that photo shoot as well

Vik disse...

Chuck bass...he is the bad boy you cant help falling for. I love these pics except i preferred vanessa's (not sure her real name) hair when it was shorter, it seems to be swamping her pretty face.
thanks for the comment on my post. Hope you come bk again :)
Much lobe from Ireland

Luxi disse...

ooh I haven't watched this yet but everyone keeps talking about it! Blake is an absolute babe though. sweet ass blog kissmequick!


Ruhvana and Flanelli disse...

Gossip Girl!! I love that series. I like these picks.


*Constance disse...

Hello from Greece*
thanks for passing by!
I'm a fan of this tv series as well!!!Yes, I've seen the R.S. photoshoot, it rocks! Not a fan of Chuck though..
Nice blog!

K@terina B. disse...

amazing post..!!! thank god I discovered your blog...!!! everything is amazing in that photo shoot!!! I love ed myself like all the girls in the world..!!! your caverage was more than proffesional!

Stacy disse...

i love gossip girl to no end! the season finale was amazing
thanks for stopping by Fashion Handglide, I really appreciate it!

clouds of tulle disse...

they're so hot. haha

Thanks for leaving a comment!

melmo disse...

love these pics! hehe and gossip gorl ;)

Mango Gal disse...

I love these photos! I can't wait for Gossip Girl to come back, I do miss it so!

Obia (Haute and TRASHED) disse...

oh how i love chuck bass.
second only to edward cullen. =]

and leighton looks so gorgeous as always.


Iara Negrini disse...

Olá, adorei o blog parabéns, vou seguir desde já !
Quando rolar um tempinho me faça uma vizitinha!

ainda está engatinhando mas é bem bacana.


Milzy and Leila disse...

The accent kills it for me why didn't they make him english he would have been even hotter
Can't wait for series 3 though all the drama with G is back =)

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