The rules of the Cassette Society

I'm almost duty free from college, my exams are over, and i've been feeling pretty inspired by all things black, with flowers, vintage, ... I could go on and on.
I was riding the subway today, and I saw the coolest girl ever. She was about my age and was wearing this white tshirt with some doodles on it, a black high waisted skirt, black tights and this crazy yellow snikers, with a little bag like those channels that everyone seems to have now.
I was staring at her, and couldn't stop looking. Until she got out. Seriously have you ever seen a person, a complete stranger, that really made you say, wow. And I'm not saying how pretty she was, just her style. It was so simple but it had a lot of personality. I just felt like asking if she wanted to be my friend, because she was soooo cool.
Anyways, though this is a winter colection (from The Cassety Society) I can't help myself for wanting this style for myself right now. And the hats, oh the hats. Lovely.
I never seem to be abble to stick to one thing at a time. Summer comes but inspiration for winter wardrobe kicks in! Not good.
Everyone have a great week ;)

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