The September Issue
Another awesome movie coming out soon, it's a documentary of course and it made me junt in exciment. Please watch this trailer...sooo cool.

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blorange dice disse...

oh my gosh, that movie looks so good!!!! i can't wait to see all of those designers in "real life!" thanks for sharing! (:

cute shoes up there, by the way. i would look crazy in them (i have big feet), but they're just perfect on you!

Stefani disse...

Really looking forward seeing this!

Milzy and Leila disse...

I've been looking forward to this as soon as they anounced they were making a movie but the trailer is out I'm on the edge of my seat

Adri disse...

Im totally watching it. Anna is iconic and brilliant.

tobaccoandleather disse...

i could not cope with her as my boss! looks great though

thanks for your comment :)


Divinity Avenue disse...

Oooh, when does it come out??


AHHH It looks so good!!
can't wait till it comes out!!!!

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