Le charme discret

It's been a while since my last post.
I had a really bad cold after Christmas so I lost a lot of precious time. Now I’m running wild to get everything done until my exams start.
I can finally say I have these cute little tights. They are sooo useful. I couln’t find them anywhere before, but now I see them everywhere. It’s weird.

I’ve been having some great ideas for short stories, because I really would like to make some films but the weather has been really really bad…

This little ring was a christmas present from me to me.
The feather is just a hair acessory I added to the photo :).
I saw were the wild things are last night. The movie is so good.
 I'm gonna recommend it. It's really special!

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Elaine disse...

Love the tights!! They are so adorable. I can see why they are so useful! They look amazing on you!


Amelia disse...

I love the tights I've also got a pair.
I really want to go see Where the wild things are but never have the tim =S

Carmen disse...


Casey disse...

I love those tights! The ring is pretty adorable, too.

The Owl Diary disse...

i love these tights.
may i ask where you found them?
& that always seems to be the case- never being able to find something & then once you have it, you see it everywhere.
& love the ring!

Raquel disse...

adoro esses colants! vi uns assim na zara e quero-os comprar. e esse anel é lindo!
espero que estejas melhor!

feliz ano novo!

Anónimo disse...

i love the tights!
nice blog!

i'll follow you - follow me back ?!;)

Sabine disse...

Dotted tights are so cute! Wishing you a good start to 2010! Sabine x

Simone Monique disse...

i loved your photos...and i'm following you.
if you can follow me too

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