I've recently started using ebay a lot, and realised how addicting it is. S o I've decided to start selling some things myself. Click on the picture and go check it out, see if you like something. There aren't many items for now, but I'll keep bringing new stuff every week.
Give me some feedback on what you think of the items and bid on those you like. I'll always try to keep things cheap and affordable, beacause I know how hateful it is to find cute items with overcharged prices.
Any suggestions you like to make, I'll be glad to hear about it!

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Anónimo disse...

I'll be sure to check it out.
I see you have a new header!! It is amazing; the three girls are so cute. It looks really beautiful.


featherbrain disse...

I'll check it out!
Btw, I love last post's pictures in that amazing background :)

Abby disse...

Checked it out. Items are so pretty and feminine! Best of luck.

Carissa disse...

florals. pretty.

Skye disse...

Cute floral notebooks ♥ I love them!

Starr Crow disse...

oh my gosh, i don't know which of you left that eternally sweet comment on my blog about thinking it was interesting and stuff, but please know that you have made my day! this blog is beyond magnificent. the photography, locations, and styling is spellbinding, ladies. you put my blog to shame! i hope you don't mind if i post some of your looks on my inspiration blog!

PS where do you live? you've got some really great spots in your town.

Starr Crow disse...

oh yeah.

P.P.S. Your header is terrific too!

Indie.Tea disse...

How pretty your things are!
Have you thought of opening an Etsy shop? It might be easier for your customers?

Heather {A Measure Of...} disse...

Oooh, I agree about the Etsy shop idea. That looks to be right up your alley! And thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Anthea disse...

Lovely stuff!

Your blog is absolutely gorgeous. Glad you stopped by mine because it lead me to yours.

I am adding you to my Bloglovin account right now.

Embracing Style

HOOKED disse...

i love your blog!

and i really like the font of your picture and those floral prints!

Stevia disse...

i love your blog!
you have THE COOLEST pics

linked you and followed you
hope you do the same


Ddays Of Our Lives disse...

Ebay is really adictive, this notebook is so cute!

Teresa disse...

I totally agree with you. Ebay is so addicting! I would stay up all night just to win auctions. Etsy is addicting too. :)

♥ Teresa ♥

avalonne lou summers disse...

I don't shop on ebay that often, because the site is quite cluttered in my opinion. But I do like your floral stationery! Very Cath Kidston. I love Cath Kidston! Good luck on that! :)

michelle_ disse...

im heading there now :)
have a great lazy sunday loves :)
hugs and kisses from ..

Charleston disse...

great blog darling x


Gela disse...

i absolutely love the print on the box & the notebook! you should definitely go for selling more cute stuff like this! they look like something i'd see more on Etsy tho, so you should definitely think about setting up an account there, too. :)


boat ride through the sky

Gela disse...

also, will start following you on Bloglovin' for your more of your gorgeous posts. :3


boat ride through the sky

Emilie disse...

I need to start Ebay as well!

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