You're very pretty, you know
You're very rare, you know
I'm very clumsy, you heard
But i'm a special kind of bird



You're very different, you know
You're very magical, you know
You'd melt me if I was snow
My heart, I'd have baby to sew
To sew

If your body is the sky
Then your freckles are the constellations





She loves you, yes she does
She loves you, yes she does
Hell, I'm in love with you
And it's true
My branches they turn to you
Asking you, do you love me too?


Old polaroids from the 60's, a book full of polaroids, the little prince with the cutest illustrations, my bunny mask and the beautiful lyrics from Alexi's Ark - Constellations ^^

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Silkybow disse...

SUCH gorgeous pictures, is this your room?! :)
I love it ^_^

Joana disse...

I am in love with your blog,i trully am.♥

menina raposa disse...

meninas que fotos tao lindas!!!
adoro vir aqui !

Clazzerati disse...

gorgeous photos! xx

Gon disse...

Gosto imenso deste post! As fotografias estão fantásticas, adoro as cores, o ambiente, tudo!


Georgia disse...

i adore these photos, love love love them!

Skye disse...

I lovee these photos! How amazing ♥

Rosalie disse...

I love the little prince, my mum used to read it to me in french when i was little. your photos are beautiful also.

Aria disse...

♡ Cute Blog ♡

Indie.Tea disse...

O my, how beautiful!
I'm going to add you to my blogroll, hope that's ok?

Kristen disse...

love the bunny mask an the pretty print of the top


Emily disse...

I love black nailpolish, polaroids, braid and flower prints, so this was already an epic post. I really love those little poems too, I didn't know them before. Fantastic blog, with very creative photos!

Artpixie disse...


HippieMädchen disse...

you are the prettiest girl I know.;P
and I am still in love with your blog!:)<3

Abby disse...

This photoshoot is absolutely amazing. From the pretty girl, to the Little Prince (I LOVE THAT BOOK) to the polaroids and the dreaminess.

jamie-lee disse...

these phtos are beautiful, i love how they have an antique look to them x


Amy disse...

This is truely amazing! I love everything about this post especialy hair and pictures :)

Fashion teapot ♥

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream disse...

yes, the little prince was indeed an amazing book..aside from its wonderful story, the illustrations were incredible!

ps. love the rabbit mask! so cute!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Anthea disse...

Very pretty post! Love the pictures!

Embracing Style

Barbara disse...

wow such beautiful pictures! definitely following!!

Tamara disse...

These are really beautiful! Really nice shots.

{ I V Y } disse...

these are so beautiful. i think i may be in love !

célia silva disse...

confesso que nao conhecia este blog, e adoro =) as fotos estao realmente lindas =)


Ddays Of Our Lives disse...

Cutes pictures, love polaroids.

The Velvet Bow disse...

The Little Prince is one of my favourite books ever. Such pretty photos.

Anónimo disse...

adoro o teu blog :o é tão lindo. e tens fotos tããoo lindas.

R* disse...

Adorei a sequência.. És tu? =)

chloe disse...


Anónimo disse...

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