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Inside my bag

A few weeks back I found a project on flickr named persona by Jason Travis (link) where you can see a photo of a person and all the objects inside they're bags. These photos are clever and criative. You can understand the people in the photos imediatly: who they are, what they like, their quirks
I thought it would be fun to do something similar, but I didn't like the end result very much. These are the things I usualy bring with me. I forgot to include my keys, and that's very ironic because I'm always leaving them behind!
I never go out without a book to read, and of course, my cellphone. I like to always have a notebook in hand just in case I have any ideias.
I forget everything and anything so I write everything down and do a lot of lists.




Yesterday I was trying to organise and clean the attic when I found these amazing chinese paper-cuts. They are so delicate and colorful. A lot of them are damaged but still recognisable so that's good.
There's landscapes, lamps, animal samurais.
I have no ideia how this was made but you can barely touch them, it feels like they are going to turn into dust if you breath.
I'm going to pick one or two, frame them and then hang them in my room because it would be a waste not to do it.

When I first saw them, I made an instant connection with the work of Rob Ryan (link). I love his work very much.









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Kat - カティア disse...

OMG OMG OMG, those paper-cuts are so awesome. I loved your bag and your notebook (photography <333)

sara disse...

those paper cuts are amazing!
the book and notebook inside your bag look lovely.

Rita P. disse...

Adorei o teu notebook, e o livro chamou-me a atenção! que livro é? é sobre fotografia?
os paper cuts sao adoraveis :D


Silvana Querido disse...

Coisa deliciosas, como sempre. cada fotografia transmite uma história. é incrível.


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller disse...

The paper cut-outs are absolutely beautiful! I'm sure there's nothing like that in my attic!

Abby disse...

Those papercuts are beautiful!!

Joanna disse...

your purse is cute!

those paper cuts are gorgeous...what a great find!

Victorious Youth disse...

really adorable paper cuts <3

the moonchild disse...

i love your blog! my grandmother tried teaching me how to cut paper like that. i grew impatient.. (:

now following!

come by sometime?

Anónimo disse...

Por acaso já tinha visto a ideia de fotografar o conteudo da mala e achei super giro! A tua mala é muito bonita. Alem disso, quem me dera ter um sótao para descobrir tesouros destes!

Barbara disse...

I find it so cute to go through other's bags :) thanks for sharing!

Mikayla disse...

I love the bag Idea! adorable! :)
I think it turned out great!

menina raposa disse...


Ann-Katrin disse...

So etwas habe ich noch nie gesehen, aber die Papier-Ausschnitte sind wirklich toll!

Nav disse...

the inside the bag idea is great! the papercuts are beautiful!!



agatheloff disse...

I'm following you now. Your blog is really great

Athena. disse...

Oh, these are all incredibly inspiring!
You are beautiful beyond measure.

muchlove disse...

I just found your blog (I can't believe I've never been here before!), and I think it's absolutely gorgeous! I love your photos :) Will start following you know ;)

Daniela Rodrigues disse...

your blog are my 'blog of the week' this week. I hope you enjoy it :)

Karol Duarte disse...

sua bolsa é linda!
amei o livrinho chinês, muito delicado *-*
estou seguindo seu blog.


Anónimo disse...

thank you for your sweet comment!
i´m your new follower and i adore your photos:)♥

Christina disse...

Wow really amazing blog, girl! :>
I am your new follower, of course !

Wanna follow me?



The Man from Amsterdam disse...

Lovely pictures!

Anónimo disse...

oh my dear, you are so very pretty. ♥
such a wonderful blog. :)

Kate disse...

I love this blog so uch, lucky to have stumbled across this gem! I will click follow right now!

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