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Hide & Seek

Spent sunday eating chips and taking pictures in the backyard. We felt so lazy. I don't even know how we got anything done.
Classes started a week ago, so we've been really busy, trying to figure everything out and buying art supplies that we didn't even know existed.

This violet dress is a vintage skirt. The fabric is really pretty and the color is perfect.
The little black jacket is from H&M.
The lace mask is so cool, I just love it. It was part of Carla's Halloween outfit last year. We went to the FOX Halloween, and I never regretted not taking my camera so much in my life.

10 comentários:

soph (owl vs. dove) disse...

Gorgeous post. That dress/skirt is the loveliest colour, and the pleating detail is fantastic!

menina raposa disse...

bom as fotografias sao maravilhosas ! o vestido vintage delicioso... resultado um excelente post!

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) disse...

such a pretty dress, love your mask too

Scrapbook de la Emma

Algodão disse...

wow, adoro a cor do vestdido e promenor do alfinete, é tão requintado... óptimas fotografias, principalmente as com o filtro meio foto antiga, lindo.

Jenifer disse...

beautifull pictures and your dress is fucking amazing i love the color (:

Ena disse...

Lovely pictures and lovely dress...Great post!


Misty Chaos disse...

Beautiful photos :]
I lovee that dress ♥ It's such a pretty colour too.

Barbara disse...

lovely pics!! you should've taken your camera to the fox halloween!! too bad :(

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller disse...

Very beautiful as usual. I love the setting; so much like the fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk." ; )

ces disse...

Nice dress! And the mask.. it reminds me of our supposed Masquerade Ball next month that was canceled for some reason. :(

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