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How much we love hats

..a lot.

Today we went to school with matching clothes. Both wearing a striped shirt, a black skirt and tights. It was unintentional of course but is funny how that happens sometimes.

I found this amazing blog this week that I needed to share with you because it is a great source of inspiration.
It's run by two girls, just like our blog, only they're cousins. There's great imagination, photos and style. I got instantly hooked.
Go check it out!

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13 comentários:

Daniela Salsa disse...

acabei de postar um look com um chapéu igual a esse. é mesmo um miminho e fica-te maravilhosamente bem :D

Andrea disse...

Beautiful photos, love your hat and your coat!

yOka disse...

I need a trench, your is perfect.
Love your pics and style

curious constellation disse...

I love that striped shirt. I really need to get myself one.

Silvana Querido disse...

mais um lindo conjunto de fotos. também adoro chapéus. só não uso mais porque mal saiu à rua as pessoas ficam a olhar parecem um burro a olhar para um palácio. ai ai

vintageveggie disse...

oh oh oh what's the mystery?

▲ Sophie ▲ disse...


Nádia disse...

Preciso desesperadamente de chapéus!!! Amo!


Tesaar disse...

it's great to hear that you think of us at such an inspiration, thank you!
we love your hat,
x tess and sara

jess disse...

aww loving your looks yet again! great hat and trench coat <3

Theresa disse...

Everything about this is perfection! The coat is amazing and really pulls it all together. You look gorgeous!
Definitely newly following. <3

Veren Lee disse...

just came across your blog and it's awesome.
you look so adorable, love the coat!

Spence. disse...

Great post, I love your outfit! The trench and hat look amazing togther

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