This week has been really difficult to take pictures, because of the weather and me forgetting the memory card at home.
So I finaly called it quits and took some photos at home. This is the result of me being bored on a rainy sunday afternoon.

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

I bought these tights on sale and I was really surprised and happy when I opened the package and there was a lace pattern on top.
I was even more surprised when I tried them on and realized that the lace part started at the knees. It was very confusing and really weird looking and I still have no ideia how I'm going to use this.
Challenge accepted, weird tights!

lazy sunday


lazy sunday

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

This is the book I'm currently reading and my new notebook from a vida portuguesa (best gift ever, since I'm obcessed with stationary).
My new claw necklace from H&M.

These lovely illustrations are from Monki magazine.
I'm a huge fan, but unfortunately there's no Monki stores in Portugal.

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

DSC_2907 copy

DSC_2951 coddpy

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

lazy sunday

I thought I'd finish off with this lovely message for valentine's day tomorrow.
The art is from Rob Ryan.

Have a great week!

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Caramelle disse...

Wow, amazing pics! ♥ And I love that art. Going to look at Rob Ryans site now!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) disse...

Lovely post!!! <3

SLF disse...

nice photos!

Andrea disse...

beautiful photos!
i love the tights, they look wonderful:)

Cat disse...

adorei este post, as fotografias estão tão "dreamy".

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes disse...

These photos and this post.. You are just too lovely, you!

"Challenge accepted, weird tights!" Classic!

mariasousa disse...


Le Blonde disse...

Love the pics! :)

Trivia disse...

lovely boredom pictures :P
i love the colors, do you use Photoshop for that?..***nice "things" you have there* (comecei a escrever em inglÊs..só reparei agra)

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. disse...

what a gorgeous collection of images very relaxing xox

Ariana disse...

Que blog bonito!!
A seguir via Bloglovin.

rosanguyen disse...

I have so much respect for Rob Ryan's work, they're so detailed and gorgeuos. I also love the tights, the patterns are so sweet.

I hope you had a great Valentines :)

curious constellation disse...

Such lovely pictures even if they are only from around the house. You've got such cute little goodies. Happy Valentine's Day!

Julia disse...

you have a camera woven in you. x

Julia disse...

beautiful photos!

Cáti disse...

As meias são mesmo lindas!
Tenho uns óculos de sol iguais :)
Adorei o blog, vou seguir *


STACY disse...

these are such lovely lovely photos :)
I love the notebook and the book, both very vintage looking!
tights are cute too.

x Stace

Franzi disse...

wow, great pictures (=
and i love the illustration from your book !

x franzi

Margarida disse...

A Monki devia sem dúvida pensar em apostar nas vendas online, eu tornava-me logo cliente :(

Cookies disse...

Oooh, thank you so much sweetheart <3 My heart does boom boom, love everything on this post :D

Trini disse...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Love all this pictures, and the sunglasses are great!


Raquel disse...

Adorei os collants, são lindos!

Anónimo disse...

i totally love your blog and this post :) oh, yes, and the 'a is for anti' shirt. where did you get this?

lovely greetings

Dan disse...

Wow..I love your pictures. You are very talented. Also, I love the shades and hat! That reminds me..i need to buy one of those hats!

Camilla. disse...

these are all so so beautiful


taylah disse...

i just came across your blog, i love it! you have amazing talent, these photos are beautiful. definitely following!
i'd love you to check out my blog if you get a chance?
loves, taylah x

Jazzy E (hivennn) disse...

Awh love these! x hivennn

Rosie disse...

Such artistic photos, considering you were bored haha.
Those tights are so lovely!

Rosie x

Stefany disse...

I love your blog and these photos are amazing. I love those tights and sunglasses xx

Veren Lee disse...

amazing photos <3

I love your blog so much :)
a little princess

Chic and Sweet Colours disse...

Amei as fotos! Muito lindas.

Anónimo disse...

Adorei as fotografias! E o Blogue ainda mais!

Parabéns. Já sigo assiduamente!

XO Fashion Victim Portugal


Ana disse...

tenho certeza de que vão fazer looks lindos com o collant,basta começar a experimentar e depois vais adorar ver.

quanto a Monki....adorei.

Sarah disse...

Lovely items! Where did you get that necklace?


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