Roxane from Stylelikeu did an experiment with Jane Belfry. As you can see she's really classy and never wears flats, which freaked me out a little because that must be exhausting, but she's really pretty and has amazing style. I thought this was a really cool challenge that everyone should try, because it was so out of her confort zone.

"When Jane Belfry sent me a message saying that she’s been wearing loafers since the snow melted in her hometown of Minneapolis, I breathed a tremendous sigh of relief. Although my closet functioned as a veritable secondhand store for my roommates, friends, and acquaintances alike during college, I balked momentarily when SLU asked me to let Jane Belfry walk a mile in my shoes for the inaugural installment of Second Skin. Jane is such a modern bombshell – curled hair, red lips, spike heels and all – that I had to fight the urge to apologize for dressing her in my self-proclaimed “man-pants,” frayed Harvard tee and boyfriend’s vintage Pendleton, but in the end, it turns out that my suede Ferragamo flats weren’t the total burden I imagined they’d be for her."

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PatriciaSilver disse...

Adorei o post C:
A Jane fica muito bem com os dois estilos mas acho que ainda ficaria melhor com uma mistura entre os dois ;)
Adoro o vosso blog, secalhar vão fazer parte do blog of the month C:

Lots of Love,

Ariana disse...

Great blog!New follower!I loved that also followed!Kisses!!!!

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