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We finally took some pictures this weekend.
I was starting to lose the enthusiasm that used to drive us to do this. The reason why we did it sort of became less and less clear.

But it's good to be excited again, and we're sorry that the blog wasn't so interesting any more. We tried some new stuff today and hopefully it will be ready to post as soon as possible.

Anyway, Carla is wearing a vintage shirt and the blue skirt is from H&M. The green flats are from Zara!

8 comentários:

maruschka disse...

great pictures!!

curious constellation disse...

Love these photos, especially the 4th and last one. So happy you two are back (:

estrela do ar disse...

I'm glad you're back!

Mai disse...

Great photographs! The last one is lovely!

hannah, heart city disse...

oh stop being too cute will ya! great shots :)

Anónimo disse...

I'm in love the color combo, the skirt is absolute gorgeous!

Anónimo disse...

uai!a cor das paredes ta um maximo!e q fotos divertidas ;)

passa pelo me blog, podes receber uma prendinha-surpresa daqui dos states. beijinho

Nádia disse...

A saia é LIIINDA <3 amei as sabrinas também!


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