One of my biggest obsessions are books, so I decided to make a post dedicated to them.
I'm sharing with you my favorite finds of 2011.

French milk is the most adorable book about travel and Paris, it's mouth watering and not just from the food, the story itself is very sweet and so are the characters or should I say actual people because it's a real journal.

It's funny because I randomly found the author's online Journal today (link).

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DSC_0359 copy.jpg_effected

DSC_0362 copy.jpg_effected

Lost at sea is from the creator of Scott Pilgrim, the book not the movie. It's very cute, sort of a road trip and the main character is convinced that a cat has her soul.

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DSC_0350 copy.jpg_effected

The Time Machine and Mariana aren't graphic novels. They're very different in terms of themes but they're both really good.

DSC_0317 copy

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DSC_0334 copy.jpg_effected

DSC_0335 copy.jpg_effected

DSC_0340 copy.jpg_effected

A very insightful book about all careers around fashion. It was a real delight reading this.

Stitches is amazing. One of my favorite books this year, it's really beautiful.

DSC_0320 copy.jpg_effected


DSC_0321 copy.jpg_effected

DSC_0300 copy copy.jpg_effected-002

DSC_0302 copy.jpg_effected-001


Finally, I added the books I'm currently reading. The Master and Margarita from Bulgakov and those other about illustration and design.

Hope this hasn't been too boring, I'm always looking for book recomendations on other blogs so I thought you might like this!

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Anónimo disse...

I'm pretty sure you'll love The Master And Margarita. Or at leasr I hope you will, since it's one of my favorite books. ;)

Guess I'll check out your choices as well, French Milk sounds awesome!


curious constellation disse...

I'll definitely have to take note of the books in this post. I'm always looking for more to read and these look brilliant.

Flor Y. disse...

nice! i love books too and i always enjoy reading book related posts!

Cat disse...

Eu cá adoreeei. (vou ser sincera, gosto de qualquer post que façam). Vocês são tão dadas às artes, pintura, desenho, fotografia, design, que qualquer post vosso é uma grande inspiração para mim. E este não foi excepção. Fiquei curiosa com o French Milk, a capa é adorável (não julgo um livro pela capa, mas sou daquelas pessoas que se apaixona sempre quando vê uma capa bonita) e já estou para comprar o Teen vogue Handbook há um tempinho. Obrigada pelas recomendações (e venham mais posts deste género)


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