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This heat is making me so drowsy... Just want to close my eyes and sleep.

I was trying to make a black and white post for a while now but I love colors so much, they seem to express how I feel so much better than the black and white photos.
But I finaly gave it a try.
Meet my dog. It's been a little over a year since I found him lost on the beach. It's my least favorite time of the year because you see straigh dogs everywhere, most of them in terrible condition.

Anyway, He kept sitting in front of the camera while I tried to take photos so I just gave in and took some shots of him too.

8 comentários:

Misty Chaos disse...

Great photos!
I love your top ♥
& Your dog is so lovely :D

Not Just A Pretty Dress disse...

I really like your outfit. And the pictures are stunning. I had a look at the lookbook link...you should have included pic n.5 in colours: your lipstick makes a great contrast with the tones of the outfit.


vintageveggie disse...

i never knew a shirt that cool existed! love it. and your doggy is a cutie.

curious constellation disse...

Oh your doggy is gorgeous. I know what you mean how difficult it is to stay away from colour in your photo's.

Vani disse...

The B&W pictures look great! It's good to do something different from time to time. Nice top!


Addalicia disse...

O teu cão é lindissimooo. E a sessão a preto e branco ficou muito boa. Adorei o outfit.

Casie Jean disse...

so happy you tried black and white, the result is stunning, and your dog is too adorable, good for you for rescuing him xxx

Patrícia Silvério disse...

adoro as pics e estou a ver que tens muito bom gosto adorei mesmo! o top de onde é? os calções são lindos e a combinação esta terrivelmente perfeita! A h&m tem uns assim idênticos :) adoreis o tratamento das fotos! o cão é lindo e adorável! kiss*

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