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Carla is back so we decided to go check the Portugal Photography Center.
I didn't really like the ground floor exhibits very much, but the rest on the top floors was pretty great. The building in general is really majestic.

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Not Just A Pretty Dress disse...

Not sure if I mentioned before, but I'm into patterns at the moment and your floral dress is so lovely!

And the Portugal Photography Center looks like an amazing place...


LUU H. disse...

you dress is so adorable!

Amber Blue Bird disse...

that is such a pretty building and your shots came out great.

Rita P. disse...

Adoro o vestido :)
Parece ser um óptimo local para tirar fotos!


Louisejoyb disse...

What a gorgeous floral dress, and a pretty building!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

etheria disse...

that building seems really breathtaking!

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