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My Tuesday

I was saving up for these babies. My new boots from H&M.

For some reason I'm obcessed with knitwear and winter related things. I usually have a hard time finding warm sweaters that won't itch or that I actualy like, but fortunately this year I don't think that will be a problem.

Also went book shopping but found it quite unsatisfactory so I just bought these comics.

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Arianne disse...

I love Fables! You will not regret starting the series. So interesting and I wish HBO would pick it up and turn it into a series a la Game of Thrones. You will enjoy the interaction between Snow White and Bigby, I'm sure. :D

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Not Just A Pretty Dress disse...

Those are the boots that I would need for my upcoming w-e at Reading rock festival...they are beautiful!


Inês disse...

Muito obrigada por aceitarem, vou estar fora uns dias mas quando voltar falo logo convosco ;)
Muitos beijinhos (;

Filipa Moreno disse...

Adoro este conjunto de coisas preciosas! Fables é fantastico =)

beijo, pi

Ana disse...

Ahhh Fables! Love it! Estou no volume 6, e vale totalmente a pena! Comecei a comprar devido às capas lindas feitas pelo James Jean, mas estou apaixonada pela história <3

Saltos de Cristal disse...

Love the boots!! :)

Saltos de Cristal


QHYAPPLE disse...

i seldom wear bots, but seems very cool here.

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