Rachel Antonoff's Spring 2012 collection

I know it's a little soon, and we are all thinking about comfy sweaters and smashing boots for the winter, but I had to share with you this lovely collection.
It's very girly, but it sort of goes with every style.

According to the designer the inspiration "It’s sort of Minnie-Mouse-meets-Wednesday-Addams. But for the set we obviously went more Wednesday Addams".

The set was designed by Aus Armes in collaboration with Antanoff and it was made to look like the inside of a black and white cartoon with spooky tombstones and gothic furniture.
I say it was a lovely presentation and the clothing is amazing.
Made my day.

(image source)

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curious constellation disse...

These are all amazing. I'd wear every one of these pieces!


the stuff is amazing!

at beleza disse...

So freaking cute!*

Vani disse...

Looks like it was a great fashion show! So creative!


vintageveggie disse...

i totally fell in love with her collection as well. just the perfect little hint of minnie mouse!

anni aliisa disse...

Oh yes, yes, yes! She's my new hero, and such a beauty herself as well.

Taís Abambres Tayar disse...

In love with the first picture!

Patrícia Silvério disse...

Adorei a coleção! Foi uma mais valia este post! Não conhecia a criadora :)

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