The quality of the photos is terrible, you wouldn't believe how fast the sun set this particular day.
My camera also seems to have some kind of fault that fills the image with little red grains wherever there's poor lighting so this was a tricky one, because even though you can't tell it was practically night time.

Oh well, maybe later will do a post showing these pants. They are really cool pair.


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curious constellation disse...

I quite like how the photos turned out & this is such a cool outfit!

Joana disse...

perfeita :) adoro os sapatos, são lindos! gosto muito da mistura laranja com azul!! as fotos estão fantásticas, adoro!


Amber disse...

those pants do look cute even if the lighting is a little dark.

F. disse...

Adorei os sapatinhos e a blusinha ... :)

Carolina A. disse...

Adorei o look! Estás super adorável. :D


Página ao Lado disse...

adorei o look! Estavas super gira ;)

Little Red Book disse...

On the contrary, I like how the photos came out. They have a vintage postcard feel to them.


Polly Bland disse...

those pants are so neat! I love this color combination and this whole outfit! I just found your blog and started following you! I hope we can be good friends!

Hope to hear from you!

love, polly

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