Yeah it's cold outside
but I'm just fine
you are mine
to keep warm

And by that I mean that when you go into a cafe you don't expect that a cat will sit on your lap and take a nap. I couldn't take the biggest smile of my face the whole time.
I don't think I'll ever eat anywhere else...

(Se alguém cá no Porto quiser visitar - Quintal Bioshop.)

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Junaluska disse...

I wish there were always cats in cafes! I like the colour of your nail polish as well.

qatch disse...

Totalmente anotado. Para a semana vou comer uma Miso Soup lá. Adorei mesmo.

Marloes disse...

I love the color of your nail polish! These photographs are so beautiful. x

Lore. disse...

Joli post !
Bise xx

daria disse...

my cat is identical to this one :)

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