I can't believe this is our 300 post! It seems like such a long time has gonne by since we started blogging.
Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been like, if had never started this. 
Yes, I do realise it's a very trivial thing of our time, but it sort of takes over your daily routine. We don't just sit around and post pretty pictures we find online.

I have walked many miles, seen many places, devoted many days taking beautiful pictures or attempted taking them :P so that I could be a little closer to this ideal blog, that I always wanted to read. It's true that I still have a long way to go before I get there but it's good to see how far we've come since our first outfit post (that still makes me laugh).
It's good to believe in yourself, even if you're not that good, because perseverance and hard work will ultimately get you somewhere. You always learn from your mistakes and realise new and better ways to improve yourself. 
The most fundamental thing is that you love and believe in what you are doing, even if people don't understand  or try to discredit your work.
We didn't create the blog with any intention other than having fun and trying something new and that we did. We got to meet amazing people and experience things we never expected. 
It kind of changed the course of our lives in a big way. 
I'd probably be in a job I didn't like, and Carla would still be in law school, going crazy over case studies and boring law stuff (I don't know any specific terms, sorry).

So, not to make this an infinitly boring post I'll move on to better things, like how awesome are the sales this summer??? After the winter sale debacle, where you could only find really ugly, expensive stuff and items that clearly where not from that season but from previous years, I have to say I'm still overwhelmed over the beautiful pieces I've found...

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Papercuts disse...

Fotos brutais como sempre!
Amei o gif :D

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soblushed disse...

poxa, eu sou mm novata nestas coisas dos blogues..300 posts? nice! e tenho a dizer-vos q gosto sp mt das vossas fotos, sao uma dupla perfeita! beijinhosss ainda n fui aos saldos p n m desgraçar. ahah

Joana Leite disse...

Adorei as fotos!


EMA disse...

This is such a cool and fun shoot! I love the outfit and the video of you sliding down! So cool!


DNA (designers+artists) disse...

Love your choker necklace!


kadik disse...

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