So this is what happens on Sunday's. There's usually absolutely nothing to do, so I get really really bored and that's when this kind of stuff happens.
My face is even a bit stupefied in the photo but my camera was acting really crazy, and to be honest, I really wasn't sure what I was doing at the time.

Today I wanted to do an awesome post about the Bloggers dinner I attended friday night, but for once I didn't take any photos! I was really distracted and we were having so much fun that I just wanted to enjoy the moment.
So now I'm paciently awainting for someone to post about it, so that I can share it here too.

You might have noticed that my hair is in a different color. That wasn't photoshop, I really dyed my hair...sort of. The results we not very promising, because the dye didn't adhere very well.
I was lazy and bought the l'Oreal hair color mousse, that's super easy to use but half my hair wound up brown with mild red reflections, and super red roots. It's pretty weird, and if you look closely you might find some blond reflections I already had before. (The photo angle is nearly perfect, you can't really tell the mess I'm in!)
Great way to finish of my summer! Ah ah.

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Rita Of Course disse...


Style Lullaby

soblushed disse...

pronto! tb podes dizer q tens cabelo cheio de nuances ;) ahah ta nice a foto

João disse...

A foto está maravilhosa coisa boa!!! Posso ser vosso modelo um dia? No meu aniversário, talvez? XD

Tb me vejo à espera de fotos do jantar...acho que ninguém tirou fotos eheh

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Jufas Jufas

Ava Tallulah disse...

I actually think your hair looks really good. This photo is really damn cool.

Ava Tallulah

Raquel disse...

A foto está muito original.

Já agora não se importam de seguirem o meu blog por bloglovin ou tumblr?


Amber disse...

I think your hair looks great. Red suits you quite nicely.

Anónimo disse...

Red looks immense on you! This a very cool picture too, skills! Snap about the ebay addiction... I really do need to control myself.

EBA ☮ disse...

Muito obrigada :)))

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