I'm addicted to stockolmmsstreetstyle. So inspiring.... and tumblr. I've been spending hours there watching pictures. Sometimes I forget there's life outside, I get so distracted.
Time flies.

One thing I'm happy about, this season you can see a lot of skinnies for sale. I swear I though I was going out of my mind this last few months because I tried soooo many pants on and none of them seemed to have the great fit skinnies have. :) me happy now. I've already bought a pair from zara, in a dark grey. they're great. I'm thinking on a pair of fake leather skinnies/leggins next. Oh yeah! and Blanco as the most amazing pumps on their new collection. My jaw dropped and I felt like jumping with joy when I saw them.

uuh. Shakespeare in love is on tv right now ^^ I love that movie. I think I'll go watch. I hope Everyone is having the best summer.


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Elle disse...

eu tb adoro skinnies e leggings.. consegue se transformar um outfit por completo conjugando uma dessas peças.


Antonio Barros disse...

1st girl looks amazing!!!!

the singular

Ashita Alix disse...

I'm addicted to stockolmmstreetstyle as well! the people featured are devastatingly gorgeous!

oh my i have an addiction :p hope you enjoyed the movie. here in Australia we are still experiencing chilly days

Marta disse...

É um dos meus blogs preferidos também.
Stockholm rocks!

*karo disse...

I N C R E D I B L E !!

Miss disse...

wow, love the thights on the first photo, and the RS tee on the last!
I gotta find one for myself!:(

kirstyb disse...

loving all these looks especially the first one xoxox

Anónimo disse...

acho que foi uma óptima ideia, conheço esses blogs :)

STARR disse...

I loove the hair and torn stockings <3

Simes. disse...

Great inspiration, loved your blog, we invite you to follow ours,

Stephani Bryant disse...

Love your blog! Can't wait to see more!
-Steph Bryant

Anónimo disse...

Great inspirations! Have a nice day ;-))

Natalie disse...

The first outfit is so cute! I wonder how she got her tights so perfectly ripped! I think i'm inspired now too!


Nanx disse...
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