The greatest pieces you MUST have in your closet include a good fitted black skirt, the boyfriend blazer ^^ a striped shirt and denin or black shorts. They are sooo practical. you don't know what to wear, so you through one of those pieces on and a great outfit comes together. always!
Some of the photos got a little blurry. It was really distractive with all the people stopping and staring. We had a good time doing it though. eheh.

P.S. I think I'm going crazy with this weather. Is so freakin Hoooot.

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Anónimo disse...

Nice photos in a nice set, the blur just adds to the general appeal of the involving light transmitted by the night.

PS: Obrigado pelo comentário no meu Blog.


Antonio Barros disse...

Cool pics!!!!
Lovely outfits!


Elle disse...

Nice pics.
E os looks nao ficam atras.

Keep it stylish

Love **

soph (owl vs. dove) disse...

Wow, love the lighting in the background. Great set of photos! Agree with you about the basics too, although I'm still on the hunt for a striped shirt. Yours is perfect!

Lauren disse...

Definitely closet staples! You both look lovely.

x x x

Miss disse...

amazing background, love that! I also love that striped sweater!

surimay disse...

ooooh pretty! the background is lovely. adore the outfits. i agree with your choices for staples! ..hmm really love those shoes you two are wearing!

Anónimo disse...

adoro o vosso blog, é muito raro encontrar pessoas com bom gosto em portugal. :)


Very cool shots and lights!

Style Bird disse...

Love these photos.

Serg Riva disse...

that looks like so much fun.

Anónimo disse...

dope pics!!

Claire disse...

Beautiful pics, I so agree with you for those key pieces.

puenktchen disse...

lovely pictures.both of you are so pretty :)

la petite fille avec la vie a la mode disse...

amazing photos!

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