"Having begun to feel, people's desire to feel grew. They wanted to feel more, feel deeper, despite how much it sometimes hurt. People became addicted to feeling. They struggled to uncover new emotions. It's possible that this is how art was born. New kinds of joy were forged, along with new kinds of sadness...." - The History of Love.

I can't stop being surprised with the amount of beautiful places I find every other day.
When you start noticing things, really looking, there are no boundaries to what you might find.
Three years ago I lived in the exact same world and today everything seems better and brighter because I make the effort to open my eyes to see people and places, really see them. Details make everything come together.
The realization of life surrounding you, can change your entire world and give a better understanding of everything.

That's one of the reasons I do what I do. So that I can make people see things this way, to find beauty in the most ordinary places.
And that's when life is filled with amazement, with the discovery of everything in a new perspective.

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menina raposa disse...

fotos maravilhosas :)
mais uma vez o vosso blog é ... inspirador no minimo :)

Zoe_Flood disse...

wow! where is this? it looks amazing. I wish I could find a boat in a place like that!

Raquel disse...

fotos lindas como sempre!
de onde é a saia?

Camilla disse...



Silvana Querido disse...

A foto em frente à casa está demais! Não me canso das vossas fotos.


Lia in Strawberry Fields disse...

beautiful! I like your blog more and more every day!
I loved you last post! how do you make the picture with all those photos passing fast? I've always wanted to do that.. haha

febrina utami putri disse...

what a cute floral skirt! i'm really into florals lately, and you outfit is just so sweet and chic!

Anónimo disse...

cute skirt,and nice picture!

soph (owl vs. dove) disse...

Fantastic photos. Love the setting :)

Raquel disse...

ahh já sei! --' eu tenho essa saia em azul ah! só que não estava a vê-la muito bem.


Felicia Marcellina disse...

cool place. great style! i totally love the skirt :)

carlastyle disse...

thank, but I´m from galicia not for portugal!
I love your looks so cute!!

Felicia Marcellina disse...

is that a lake house or something?

Damsels disse...

the backdrop is gorgeous it makes me so jealous because i know in the city i wudd never find a place like this .. it really brings a great element to the photos

Dorothy Souhuwat disse...

nice photo...
wanna x-link or follow me??
visit mine and leave some comments..

Felicia Marcellina disse...

Thank you so much! she is as gorgeous as you ;)

Lucy disse...

I really love your skirt!!
And the background is great too!!

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