a story I'll never tell

a story I'll never tell

a story I'll never tell

a story I'll never tell

I found this amazing illustrated book from the late 70's about photography on a pile of books. It is just AMAZING. I got lost in those pages. Amazing pictures and tips on how to accomplish great photography.

Also, I wanted to show this cute illustration of Frida Kahlo I got for my room. The photo does not do it justice. It is so beautiful.
I can't remember we're I found it, but it looks really good on my wall!

My head is spinning right now. I have all this things to do and say that if I don't, I might just burst. I wish days lasted longer. It's like half are lives we spend sleeping or working for other people and our minds are lost with all this distractions.
We lack focuse and miss all the important things, about ourselves, others and life in general.

a story I'll never tell

a story I'll never tell

To the best weekend ever.

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Ivania santos By DIAMOND disse...

Hey adorable blog!! <3

Love love love

Gon disse...

Gostei imeso do post! Thanks for sharing, e o quadro é tão giroo. Ah e tens razão, we do sleep way too much :P

Dimogonda blog

ana disse...

great book, great illustration and I couldn't agree more.I wish we had more time to do certain things we do work to much and sleep to much too! I find myself thinking of all those things all the time.

Silvana Querido disse...

(suspiro) os vossos são assim por demais.


Victoria D. disse...

amazing post. i love it.

Victoria D. disse...

amazing post. i love it.

Elizabeth disse...

great post! that book seems amazing!


Gon disse...

Ainda bem que gostast! A música é dOS "Girl" e chama-se "lust for life"!


cinta / sepi / sayu disse...

really cute blogg Xx

phantom lens disse...

oh man, that book sounds lovely! I was actually talking to someone recently about how digital photography and basic photo editing has taken away from the "art." Basically, now anyone can snap a picture and it can look good or "artsy" without having much knowledge on photography at all. I must agree, but on the other hand, I'm just as guilty of this - only in the past few months have I stopped using the "auto" setting of my camera. but at least I'm trying....? hah, anyway, I bet that book is a treasure, share some tips! and stop by my blog (i'm a newb)


Artpixie disse...

amazing, i love your posts.

Shukura Li disse...

hia what was the book called?

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