I feel very embaressed for not posting anything for so long, but a needed a break. Also it's not easy having only yourself and a tripod to rely on for photos, since Carla has been traveling around.

The last few weeks have been quite stressful but everything turned out for the best. I'm finaly going to arts, we both are actualy, and that's very exciting!
I can't wait to post some new photos. I'm definitely going to work on that this week.
I was hoping to wear my new oxfords (in the picture) but it's still to hot. This time of the year I start getting excited about the fall/winter collections. Dressing up in the fall is the best.

This summer I've been devouring book after book. There have been a lot of good book fairs around here but I don't know how I would be able to afford this obsession without book depository.
Books in Portugal are so overpriced I started buying them online after finding book depository through another blog. They're very affordable and the shipping is free. I now have a huge list of links of all the books I want to buy.
I thought I made the suggestion since it made me really happy to know about it.

I'm sorry for this long absence! Hoping to catch up on all that's been going on.
Thank you all for the lovely comments, as always!

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thelayeredpancake disse...

i love the mini violin! and i want shoes like that, i want them so muchhh! lovely pretty things.

Joana disse...

I can't wait to get some things from bookdepository.Found the site when i was looking for good priced moleskines.^^

Gracie disse...

Those shoes are amazing! Love this photo and post!

Emily disse...

that top and those shoes are perfection.


Anthea disse...

Love your shoes and jacket!

Nádia disse...

Love the things from the picture! Thanks for the site!!!


Miranda disse...

WOW! adoro o teu style diary!! 1. adoro, adoro este casaco. 2. adoro a forma como tiras e te tiram fotografias! 3. estou a seguir-te sem dúvida!! PARABÉNS PELO BLOG! :)

Aproveito para te dar a conhecer os meus blogs! fashionmarketslove.blogspot.com

follower Miranda

Fabiola "Fab" disse...

loving your style and the items shown in this post! Just found your blog! love it! :)

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