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My next semiotics project is about creating a picture (drawing, photo, collage, anything) that describes me. The problem is, for some reason I can only come up with vintage pieces!
Sometimes is really hard to have a clear view of yourself. Is so much easier to see ourselves through others eyes. Unfortunately, so far no one has come up with any insteresting idea for me to get inspired, so I'm asking you to give a word, an object, a sentence or any thought that you might think of that might resemble me or my style!
My velvet jacket is from zara, not from this year though...I love it. Is soo confy.
The shoes and the tights are from blanco. The lovely earings are from acessorize.

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Silvana Querido disse...

adorei os sapatos e a mala <3

Annushka disse...

You are very likable and your romantic style very beautiful))) I love this post!!!)))
very,very,very nice blog!!!)))

High On High Heels disse...

Aah I love this, very romantic, you look lovely!

Nubiasnonsense disse...

Very pretty photos. I love your oxfords and stockings

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Raquel disse...

hmm a primeira coisa que pensei foi simplicidade e beleza. principalmente por causa da ultima fotografia. não sei se isto ajuda muito, mas boa sorte!

adoro o casaco e os sapatos! tenho um blazer de veludo azul e quem me dera poder usa-lo já! mas aqui ainda está calor :/

Hanna disse...

your brogues are gorgeous! and I love the chunky pearls

Fee disse...

Amazing tights!

hiven disse...


jamie-lee disse...

This is a sweet look, those pearl earrings are the perfect touch!


Clara disse...

I love your shoes!

v a m p i r e disse...

gosh i love love love your tights

Marta Ribeiro disse...

obrigada por terem passado pelo meu Blog e pelos comentários,também adicionarei o vosso blog à minha lista^.^

Beijinhos e bons posts,ficarei atenta!

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