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It has been a while

Hello! I guess it has been a while since our last post. We've been really busy with school, time has been passing at a different pace for us. Not to mention this crazy rain that has been going not stop.
We finally got a break, so after doing our photoshop homework we head out for the city.

The front of the building is pretty normal but we went out back and it looks like it's old and haunted. I liked it a lot, just because it was so unexpected, there's a five star hotel right around the corner so you would have never guessed it.

Anyway, I'm sure most recognise this shoes from h&m.
For some reason I love to wear black and dark colors during this time of year. I'm aiming for baggy sweaters this season!

20 comentários:

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller disse...

Oh, the beauty of derelict buildings!

Anónimo disse...

quero essas sandálias :o lindas. nao as tinha visto na HM da minha cidade, só online... acho que é das melhores sessões de fotos, tem um ar haunted, adoro esse tipo de cenários, lindissimo

Rita P. disse...

Como sempre as fotos estão linda, adoro o cenário :D
E adoro as tuas sandalias x

rockwithfashion disse...

o predio e mesmo asustador, a escolha do cenario e muito boa.mas adoro o look tambem, e perfeito para estes dias: um sae o sol, dois vem a chuva.

Louder Than Silence disse...

These pictures are amazing. As are your shoes!

Sally from Louder Than Silence x

Anónimo disse...

You are pure amazing

Annushka disse...

It is the whole history!!!)))
It has perfectly turned out, I love this post!!!

Ms K disse...

your shoes are cute=)


Kayraheart.fashion disse...

Omg..I jst stumbled across ur blog...And love everything i see...You guys definitely hab amazing fashion style..
p.s. the pictures are beautiful..

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) disse...

awesome shoes. cute blog!

Raquel disse...

estou a pensar em fazer um post no meu blog sobre algumas das minhas bloggers portuguesas favoritas e gostava de vos incluir! posso usar uma foto do voss blog? claro que incluirei o link de volta!

ultimanente tenho estado obcecada com o leopard print haha!
as fotos estão, como sempre, maravilhosas!

emily disse...

i love these pictures!!!

Emma disse...

Amazing photographs, and I love your shoes - they're killer!

Great blog, am definitely following. Look forward to your next post! x

Joanna M. disse...

über cool photos!!!!

SMASH disse...

I'm diggin those shoes <3


Anónimo disse...

amazing photos! very eerie and omnipresent


Anthea disse...

The photography is gorgeous!

Embracing Style

Ashley Ording disse...

I love these photos... the somber colors are quite lovely. And the tights/shoes combo is definitely working for me!

Ashley (www.ashleyording.com)

Laura @ The World Looks Red disse...

I love these pictures and your outfit is great!!

Gabi disse...

Beautiful photos again. They are like from some horror movie! : D Expecially that idea came into my mind when I saw the photo of the buttons/the old buzzer.

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