I've been trying to take some time this week to take pictures and just relax but that turned out impossible due to school work. These are the most random shots in history, from Tuesday's photography class. Carla and I usually share my camera because there are only Canons available for this class and I'm more at ease with Nikons

DSC_003a8 copy


DSC_0038 copy

DSC_003ff8 copy

We took random photos to mark the start or the ending of each others series of photos because sometimes they end up being very similar since we're shooting the same thing. This lame photos are markers, and yes, I'm a terrible blogger for putting this up and I do realise my face looks really weird on the second photo but I really wanted to put something up here.

So this is my beloved sheer jacket as you've might have seen on the previous post.
I say, the photo isn't making it any justice.

Fashion week started yesterday! I'm excited to see what comes out of it .

7 comentários:

Franzi disse...

i really like the pictures :)
x franzi

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) disse...

OMG! Adorable blouse <33

Muki Mu Kats disse...

honestly loved this retro romance! :)


eugenialejos disse...

lovely pictures! amazing blog;)

Anónimo disse...

you are such a great photographers!..really!
yes, the jacket/blouse is very beautiful :)

with love,

PatriciaSilver disse...

I loooooooooooove your blog C:
You girls are so sweet, and you have such amazing posts with beautiful pictures C:

Lots of Love,

Anónimo disse...

I love the sheer jacket : D

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