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Monday Monday Monday. That’s right, in case you haven’t noticed today is Monday. I usually feel a bit lazy on Mondays but I’ve been in and out of a cold this past few weeks so I feel full of energy and wanting to catch up on lost time.
These are some stuff I discovered lately and wanted to share:
- This is the closet project, from the artist Jeana Sohn who visits “creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets”.
- My current style inspiration, Annabel from Blushing Ambition. I love her photos and the way she puts clothes together.
- The Evil twin. Stumbled upon this the other day and am currently falling for every piece…The styling is amazing.
- A little magazine – AMMO magazine. It’s wonderfully made. Big fan of all the art.
- My ART SPONGE. I’m addicted to this website, good inspiration source.
- The stunning art from Stella Hultberg.

Have a good week!

6 comentários:

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) disse...

Wonderful (:

amanda jane disse...

cute, cute, cute! love the scallops!

curious constellation disse...

Great links, Mondays are definitely lazy days, I agree but it's good you're finally over the flu.

Silvana Querido disse...

que coisa linda :)


Misty Chaos disse...

That skirt is so cute ♥
Love the links, too.

Michelle of The Feather Den disse...

I love that skirt, isn't it just gorgeous?

x Michelle

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