There aren't enouph words in the dictionary to describe how beautiful this is. It's like someone entered my dreams and made them real.

What your looking at, is nothing more than the Sretsis Spring/Summer 2011 collection.
The sisters Pim, Matina, and Kly Sukhahuta who designed this, say they're inspiration comes from their childhood experiences (while I was watching sailor moon as a kid, they must have been meeting fairies and unicorns in awesomeland) and Indian heritage.

I don't think I've ever came across clothing, that moved me as deeply. I swear I can't believe someone was actually able to create something like this.
People told me all my life that nothing is perfect but I beg to differ.

Highlight of my day, for sure!

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Jes disse...

fantastic pieces xxx

ingredients of our sugar coated youth disse...

These pictures are absolutely amazing in every single way..
The hats are stunning!
This is the best post I have seen in a while :)


Isabel G. disse...

AMEI tudo!!! Tenho que ter ;)


Anónimo disse...

Amazing, thanks for sharing

Carolina A. disse...

Definitivamente adorei as fotos e os looks! Love it! :D

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MARJOLEIN disse...

love this pictures!! so different!

Kat - カティア disse...

Gosto imenso das fotos e de alguns dos looks. As tatuagens ficam bastante bem com o resto de cenário e roupas.

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Anónimo disse...

A minha única pergunta é: Onde posso comprar isto?

City Girl (EC1) disse...

Love these pieces! How pretty and romantic. Lovely blog too :) x

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