I haven't gone shopping in a while, so I've been out of sorts with everything in stores right now.
I've been a big fan of Fifi Lapin for some time, and yesterday I went to pinkie and found all sorts of items with fifi lapin illustrations. I was like: whaaaat?
They have probably been on sale for a long time now, and I had nooo ideia.

I'm leaving this link so you can go check out the other items that are in store, in case you didn't know about this. From what I saw, my favorite items where this bag (that was actually pretty cheap - 10€) and the grey and white sweater.
The materials where pretty good considering the price.


DSC_1386.JPG_effected-001 copy

DSC_1380.JPG_effected copy

Also bought this lovely top from H&M. I really wanted to bring the AMAZING long ballerina skirt I found there but I didn't want to spend any more money. But it's on my REALLY REALLY WANT list.

Even though I'm not working like crazy, I'm actually getting some stuff done. This is just a silly drawing that I did so I wouldn't waist some indian ink I had in a cup. It actually looks like a drag queen because of the large chin and lips, but I kind of like it.


Hope everyone had a great easter with lots of chocolate.

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Joana Cardoso disse...

I rarely,rarely go to Pimkie,but i think Fifi Lapin is the greatest excuse ever to go there!!!
Love the H&M top and now you got me curious about the ballerina skirt!!

The draw is cute,i would say it's more likely a Jay Leno female version of the 20's.


Jes disse...

Whoooaa those totes are increds!! xx

Le Blonde disse...

Comprei uma tshirt dessa colecção Fifi Lapin! :)
E essa blusa... tive com ela na mão ontem, é linda!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) disse...

So cuteeeee! :D

Lulu disse...

e o colar que eu vou copiar?! :)

lauren carney disse...

your blog makes my little heart flutter.
the pictures are super dreamy!
happy blogging lovely one x x x

curious constellation disse...

That bag is just gorgeous!

"this fashion lark." disse...

They're been on sale for a few months! I love the t-shirts, I got myself a notebook last time I went x

Nádia disse...

Belas compras! Essa camisa chamou-me muuito, mas já tenho uma transparente de manga comprida de lá, por isso teve de ficar no cabide! ;)

quanto à saia de tule, eu cá tive MESMO de a comprar!!! :O tão liiinda


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