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Hello lovelies.
I'm going to leave you with some sweet things I found recently.

- Blog crush - Summer Listen (you may or not, know her because she seems to have lots of followers already but I really like her style)

-Nobrow - who "is all about publishing beautifully tactile illustrated books", so if you're looking for awesome illustrations here is where you should go. I honestly could not get off that website because I wanted to buy everything on impulse.

- Francesca Jane Allen's photography - Oh God, please go check out her flickr page...her photos are so beautiful.

- If you're on Alexa Chung stalking mode (I know I am everytime I don't know what to wear)

- This lovely video is a must!! Not kidding, please watch this. I really admire the guy that did this because I tried to stick to a similar project once and after 5 days I knew I wasn't going to be abble to go through with it.

- Laura Callaghan 's Illustrations (iiih, I love her humorous drawings).

Hope you have a great weekend. Will be checking in soon!

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Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes disse...

nobrow... curse you. I'm hooked.

curious constellation disse...

Wow, thanks for all the links. Definitely a few I haven't seen before.

Anónimo disse...

ahhh... I think I found myself another blog to follow! I love your postings!

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