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Taking some photos for my photography class portfolio.
I decided to start with the hardest for me, because I really don't know much about nudes.

And I don't exactly know many people who would want to help, so I'm really going for something tasteful. I don't like this type of photos in general, they bore me.
I've seen a few that I liked lately but nothing that I can do, at least indoors.
I got to model a little to help carla too, I felt really unconfortable with having a camera pointed at me while naked. ah ah, so anyway, nothing good came out of it except this photos that I'm actualy quite fond of. Love the colors, and the pink ribbon.

6 comentários:

Michelle of The Feather Den disse...

I think these are absolutely beautiful, well done! The first one is my favourite. So gorgeous.

x x Michelle

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) disse...

Adorable pics!

Casie Jean disse...

I think these are just lovely,you should be proud .x.x

Anónimo disse...

that pink ribbon is a nice touch!

Something you've misplaced. disse...

I really like the first one.

Teresa disse...

Estão muito bonitas. :) Adoro a fita rosa.


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