Unfortunately this week I don't have my memory card, so I can't take photos :( . But I'm posting anyway because I've been meaning to show you some of my favorite pages.

I'm always finding amazing things online, and I wanted to share some of it! So here it goes.

1. Oh joy!

2. Lily and the Muse

3. Diminuta Diminuta

4. Moching Bird

5. Art Pixie

6. Daydream Lily

7. Natalie of Dutie

8. Ducks like tea

9. Missed Connections

10. Hedvig

11. The thinking tank

12. Strawberry Koi

Well, that's about it. Enjoy!

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lumikha disse...

these are so lovely!!! very nice. :)

Zoe_Flood disse...

I agree with everyone except 7, I love 12 ;] wanting to see more from youuuu

featherbrain disse...

lovely pics, and will check out the links you post:)

Urban Legendary disse...

The Missed Connections blog is so darling. All of your links are great! xx

Artpixie disse...

woooo thankyou so much! i love your blog too, im not just saying that. I check every one of your posts :)

Silvana Querido disse...

Lindo post :)

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menina raposa disse...



as flores são uma das coisas mais lindas deste mundo!

Kim disse...

Oh, these are great! Some new inspiration sources (:

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